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NCTA Mailinglists
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About the NCTA mailinglists

NCTA offers three mailinglists to its members: a general, French and Spanish one. Members can use these lists to share information and ask each other questions. Please read the Terms of Use, the usage guideline for posting to the list. These guidelines were revised on May 12, 2003, based on input received through a member survey.

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NCTA Members List Terms of Use

Table of Contents

I  Description/Purpose of List
II.  Instructions for Use
III.  Policy
IV.  List Etiquette

I.  Description/Purpose of List

The NCTA Members List (referred to as the "List") is a private mailing list with access restricted to members of the Northern California Translators Association (NCTA), a chapter of the American Translators Association (ATA).

The NCTA Members List serves as a forum to share ideas of interest to our profession: to ask for advice/help, to suggest new or interesting sources of information, to announce special events, and to discuss technical and computer topics and other professional issues.

II.  Instructions for Use

  1. Members must use their full names when subscribing to the list.
  2. To respond to a posted message, use 'Reply.' Remember that any of your replies will be sent automatically to everyone on the list.
  3. Address your response to the writer of a message rather than to the list if you wish to respond privately or if your reply is of interest only to you and the message sender.
  4. Use the appropriate subject keyword as described in the List Etiquette. You may use those keywords to filter or sort messages. Your mail program (Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, etc.) has rules or filters that can help you to keep your mailbox free of messages you deem undesirable.
  5. To maintain the thread on a particular topic, use 'Reply.' Quote a relevant portion of the original posting, or simply refer to it, and avoid trailing messages in the body of your message.
  6. The List does not accept any attachments to messages. However, its website does accept and store uploaded files accessible to all subscribers. Alternatively, you may send files privately or provide links in your messages to items seen on the Web. Avoid forwarding the entire item or article to the List.
  7. To receive all the List messages of the day as one daily Digest, use the self-service feature on the group home page.
    • Go to
    • On the far right of the screen, click on "Edit My Membership."
    • Under Message Delivery, choose: "Daily digest: send many emails in one message."
    • Click on the "Save changes" button.
  8. To respond to a posting included in a Digest message, start a new message. Type 'RE:' in the Subject field, followed by the subject of the posting, and refer to, or cut and paste in you message, the relevant portion of the posting you are replying to. Replying directly to a Digest message imposes a burden on the List.
  9. To locate a message posted in the past, go to the List's website All messages posted on the List since its inception are archived and searchable at that location.
  10. Vacation or temporary holds: To suspend your mail for a few days, use the self service feature on the group home page (You don't need to have the Listmaster unsubscribe you from the group). Go to: Mention the target country and domain in the subject field when asking about terminology.
    • On the far right of the screen, click on "Edit My Membership."
    • Under "Message Delivery," choose the last delivery option: "No email. Don't send me email. I'll read the messages at the Web site."
    • Click on the "Save Changes" button.
    • Upon your return, you can reactivate the delivery of message by going to the same page and choosing the first delivery option: "Individual emails. Send individual email messages."

III.  Policy

  1. By subscribing to the List you are confirming that you have read and are agreeing to the terms of the NCTA Members List Terms of Use.
  2. Since this is a private list, no message posted by others on the List may be forwarded electronically or otherwise to anyone who is not a subscriber to the NCTA Members List without the originator's permission.
  3. With the consent of the contributor, the NCTA reserves the right to publish contributions to the List for promotional or educational purposes.
  4. Any member forwarding a message to the List should verify the accuracy of the message before posting it.
  5. Copyrighted material may not be forwarded to the List without the consent of the author.
  6. List members agree to observe the guidelines of the List Etiquette at all times.
  7. The NCTA Board of Directors has designated a Listmaster. The Listmaster may remind members, off-list, to respect those guidelines when the members seem to be ignoring the Etiquette. He or she also has the discretion to moderate the list. In the event of serious and/or repeated violation of the guidelines, the Listmaster may unsubscribe a member upon approval of the Board.

    Moderation of the list includes the right to withhold messages that do not conform to these Terms of Use. In that event, the listmaster will let the member know that his or her messages are being withheld. Should the member disagree with the listmaster's action, he or she might request mediation by the Board.

IV.  List Etiquette (Do's and Don'ts)


  • Show respect and tolerance in your contributions.
  • Use one of the following keywords at the beginning of the subject line of each message:
    INFO - News and events
    WORK - Professional topics, job postings
    COMP - Hardware, software, resources, links
    TERM - Terminology resources and questions (mention the target country and domain in the subject field)
  • Please post your messages primarily in English so that they will be accessible to all list members.
  • Keep your postings in conformance with the main purpose of the List as described in Section I. If you think your message might be perceived as off-topic by fellow members, keep it as brief as possible and/or link to external sources.
  • When quoting, copy only the portion of the message to which you are replying.
  • Delete trailing messages when replying to a thread of messages.


  • Do not use the list as a community forum or billboard for postings that depart from the purpose of the list as described in Section I.
  • Do not send personal messages.
  • Do not mention specific rates when writing about prices (such discussions are prohibited by the ATA Policy Statement of Mar. 25, 1990).
  • Do not post copyrighted material, commercial programs, shareware or freeware.
  • Do not use all caps (this is considered impolite).
  • Do not use obscene, blasphemous, or pejorative language about any race, culture, or individual.
  • Do not forward chain letters or unverified virus notices.
  • Do not use the NCTA Members list as a vehicle to vent personal disagreements with other members.

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