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Archived Top Ten Picks
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These URLs are an archive of the Top Ten useful links published on the NCTA website each month. Click the links to jump to that section on the page:


Links pages

  The Translators Home Companion has a wealth of links to more translator resources than you ever dreamed existed.
  NCTA member Chantal Wilford's links to mailing lists, translation directories and software, and 100s of URLs culled from lists like Lantra, NCTA and so on.
  Richard Lederer's "Language Sites on the Internet" has a vast collection of language and translation-related links. Enjoy!
  Frank Dietz's site contains links to more than 750 glossaries. Mostly English and English-German.
  The Linguist List is a rather academic site with links to linguistic conferences, publications, and resources.
  Cecilia Falk's cornucopia of links to translators, translation companies, translation tools and more. Her "bits and pieces" section sounds intriguing.
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General business resources

  A great, not widely known local resource, the Small Business Development Center offers free and cheap classes on all kinds of topics (taxes, how to start a business, Internet basics, etc.). promises "terminology resources, translation technology resources, courses, companies that are currently recruiting" and more.
  A directory of Better Business Bureau's offices, publications and reports. If you've had problems with a company, you can submit a complaint online.
  Need a ten-digit Zip Code? The USPS website will get you any code within seconds.
  Whether you're just starting out or polishing up your c.v., this résumé-writing guide geared especially toward contract employees can help.
  Looking for a used book? Abe Books "combines the inventories of over 5700 independent booksellers from around the globe".
  The online Yellow Pages. For those who are too computer-addicted to grab the physical book.
  Need a natural keyboard? Wrist rests? A foot-operated mouse? Safecomputing's site is a good starting point for ergonomic products.
  Working Today is a national nonprofit membership organization that promotes the interests of people who work independently through service, education, and advocacy. Their toolkit contains links to various independent contractor resources.
  Information about workspace design and function, and a guide to ergonomic products that can help you create healthier work habits.
  Sometimes you know a company's phone number but not their address or even town. Find the rest with a reverse phone number lookup at
  Roger Chriss' series of articles on translation as a profession covers everything from good résumé writing to tax deductions to ethics.
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Online dictionaries and glossaries

  The Eurodicautom - maybe you're not aware of this lifesaving multilingual European database, or perhaps you've lost track of where it moved to. A bookmark no translator can do without.
  The Mercator Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages.
  Everybody knows they're out there, but the URL is very hard to find: the free Microsoft Glossaries.
  Medical reference site where you can personalize the page to your preferences.
  A wild variety of glossaries, from a Vegetarian Glossary to a Rap Dictionary.
  No, "dot crawl" is not what dotcoms become in their terminal stages. See this audio/video dictionary for its real meaning.
  NETGLOS is a multilingual glossary of Internet terminology currently being compiled as a voluntary, collaborative project by a number of translators and other professionals.
  Comparative Glossary of Common Project Management Terms, including plain English descriptions of concepts such as a "Floating Task" and "Matrix Organization". A big plus is the extensive bibliography backing up the terms - a rare find online.
  Search the Association for Geographic Information's database of close to 1000 geographical information systems (GIS) terms.
  Not the slickest layout, but "Online Dictionaries, Glossaries and Encyclopedias - 101" is a true cornucopia of just that.
  Idea Cafe's modest list of financial terms explains such concepts as "due diligence" and "promissory note."
  Primarily complied from the newsgroup misc.emerg-services, this list of medical acronyms will help you make sense of acronyms like ABGs (Arterial Blood Gases) and HTR (Heavy Tactical Rescue).
  The Trados website offers a free download of the European parliament dictionary in 11 languages (Euterpe). Those who don't own Trados Multiterm can download the free Multiterm Dictionary program.
  Always wondered what VRAM stands for? Or ROTFL? The Acronym Finder will enlighten you.
  Wow your Silicon Valley friends by dropping slang like "Drowndex," "PEBCAK," or "Grepping". The Silicon Valley Slang site will make you look like a real insider.
  This English-only glossary of common printing terms is a good place to start when you need to become an instant expert on "agate lines" or "psychrometers". has monolingual (200+) and multilingual (30+) dictionary links, language identifiers, and (my favorite feature) a lookup button you can insert into your browser, which will run any word you highlight on a web site through the Merriam/Webster.
  Ever wondered what on earth the smart drug metformin is? Or what Arginine pyroglutamate can do for your brain? This glossary of nutrients is the place to look.
  The glossary at can help you with financial terms you've never even heard of, like "Gantt Chart" and "Palletization."
  OK, so Casey's Reverse Dictionary included "callous" as one of the hits for my query "a feeling of extreme happiness," but that was only one of 48 suggestions. A useful tool for that "tip-of-the-tongue feeling."
  The Grammar Slammer on this site is a handy quick English grammar reference.
  The Cisco Glossary Connection provides online access to glossaries of networking terminology and acronyms translated into 29 languages and regional dialects.
  Find the name of your language in the "List of Libraries and Collections," and search not only UC Berkeley's own collection, but substantial links pages as well.
  Trouble finding information on a chemical compound? The ChemFinder will give you a list of synonyms and a graphic of the chemical formula. contains about 16,000 words each in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish, with definitions and a pronunciation file for each English word.
  Questions about your telecommunications translation? On on this page you'll find what organization is your country's representative for the International Telecommunication Union.
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Job sites

  Did you know that the National Endowment for the Arts has grants available to published translators of literature for projects that involve the specific translation of prose or poetry from other languages into English?
  Online job site Pro-Z lets you specify which language pairs you are interested in, and notifies you when a matching job is posted.
  Use the Job-Search-Engine to search jobs on multiple job sites at once (Yahoo classifieds, Monster Board, Career Mosaic, etc.). Focus is mainly on technical jobs.
  The famous Glenn's Guide of translation agencies is available free on the Net as an Adobe pdf file (international version as well as the regular one).
  Linguistic Enterprises is a site that specializes in jobs for linguists, with positions ranging from vocal coders and ontologists to ESL teachers and translators.
  The Jobsmart site offers a résumé writing guide; links to online résumé banks; samples and tips.
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  At, you'll find court and medical interpreter training materials, and tips for taking the federal oral exam.

Tools and software

  Land Software's invoicing software is written specifically for translators. The package includes a Client Manager, Invoicing, Report Center, and several other features that will help streamline your invoicing.
  Alki Software sells the same spelling, dictionary, and hyphenation files that Microsoft incorporates in foreign versions of Office.
  If a client wants to send you a large attachment that will crash your email inbox, have them upload it to mydocsonline. It used to be free, now still a bargain at $9.95 per quarter.
  Looking for accounting software? has a convenient index by application, brand and industry.
  Efax offers software that makes it easy to send any document as a fax or email attachment.
  This metric converter converts not just distances and temperatures, but area and volume as well. A great tool for all of us right-brainers.
  Email program The Bat! contains localized versions of the user interface (Bulgarian, Chinese, and more), can spell check as you type in whichever dictionaries you have on your computer, and has extensive template options that make life a whole lot easier.
  We all miss the sounds of home. At the RealPlayer web site, you can search for radio stations by language or country, and stay up to date on the latest news, gossip and slang words.
  Not sure how to insert an ø or Ç into your text? The online ASCII table lists the ALT + number combinations you need for producing all kinds of extended characters.
  Before you forward those alarming virus warnings to all your friends and agencies, have a look at IBM's virus and hoax overview to check whether this is a real virus or a joke.
  Search engine hotbot lets you set the language you want to search in, and whether to search for "All the words," "Exact phrase," "The person," and several other options.
  Search engine Google now offers a Google Toolbar you can integrate into your browser. A very interesting feature is that you can use it to search within sites that don't have their own search functionality. Own it for a week and you'll wonder how you ever did without.
  Old-fashioned AltaVista fan with an old-fashioned computer? Try the AltaVista text-only version to save valuable seconds.
  Want to improve your English vocabulary? Subscribe to A Word A Day and get daily emails enlightening you about "axenic (ay-ZEN-ik)" or "aperient (uh-PIR-ee-uhnt)".
  Far more powerful than WordPad, NoteTab Light is a free text and HTML editor that searches across all open files, color codes HTML tags, generates detailed text statistics, and contains libraries of ASCII and HTML codes. Oh, and the longest list of smilies you'll ever see.
  Is the Microsoft "Compare Documents" feature too limited for you? CompareRite is compatible with different non-Windows file formats, and one handy feature is that moved text is marked by more than Windows' simple strikeout and reinsert.
  In fact, Woody's Office Watch reported here that Microsoft recommends that law firms use CompareRite to ensure accuracy. Check out the "Advice, tips and news from author, guru, curmudgeon, and Microsoft software victim Woody Leonhard, and friends" to keep up with the latest in Windows land.
  This comprehensive Internet search tutorial for translators will help you choose between the different search engines, use wildcards more effectively, and use advanced filtering techniques.
  Afraid of Big Brother? Encrypt your e-mail with PGP International.
  The New York Times recently reviewed ZoneAlarm, which "allows even nontechnical users to lock down possible security vulnerabilities, and it pops up an alert when someone tries to scan your system."
  Not sure which CAT tool is for you? The Translators Home Companion Tools Garage lists 10, with convenient links to download sites, and reviews.
  Does your ISP not have a good system for automatic vacation replies? At Web Mail Station, you can set free auto responses in exchange for receiving 3 weekly commercial messages from them, or pay $50 per year for advertisement-free use. Their no-SPAM policy and privacy statement look solid.
  Davecentral has an animation maker, button maker, and countless other free tools to spice up your web site.
  Ever translated a manual that seemed so straightforward until you got to the in-lb a screw could be fastened? This torque conversion calculator will give you the Nm, g-cm or a few other versions in one click.
  Create Adobe® PDF Online is a Web-hosted service that lets you convert a wide variety of documents into Adobe PDF files. Try a free trial and make a universally readable résumé.
  This multilingual software and hardware digest contains links to sites where you can purchase and research specific types of software (from Religion Software to operating systems), and includes a huge range of languages (think Xhosa and Esperanto).
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Books and offline dictionaries

  International Book Distributors, a familiar face at the ATA conference and NCTA Trade Fair, has a website as well of course.
  Adler's Foreign Books is a major importer and distributor of French, Spanish, German and Italian language books in the United States.
  Online book search service Bibliofind offers more than ten million used and rare books, periodicals and ephemera offered for sale by thousands of booksellers around the world.

Mailinglists and communities

  The Payment Practices mailinglist is one of those resources you can - unfortunately - not do without...
  ...and to make absolutely sure a company is OK, subscribe to TCR as well and see what other translators have to say.
  The "mother of all mailinglists" Lantra-L is a forum for all aspects of translation and interpretation of natural languages.
  Language learners who want to practice their skills can turn to Flange, "a chat program that coordinates foreign language students in different countries so that they can practice using each others' languages."
  On, jobs for translators can be posted by anyone, client or translator, world-wide. So user beware...
  Yahoogroup Conf-Int is made up of "conference interpreters who work according to the highest professional standards and want to exchange information, ideas, help, etc.".
  Looking for a specific language-related mailing list? The List of Language Lists contains addresses of lists for "Endangered Languages," "Creoles," "Serbo-Croatian" and a few dozen more.
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  The Translation Journal's own description says it best: A Publication of Translators by Translators about Translators and Translation.
  Available for free online perusal, the PEN Handbook for Literary Translators contains some extremely useful material, including a model contract and guidelines on what is expected of a literary translation.
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  The Society of automotive engineers has extensive information on standards used in Automotive and Aerospace industries.
  Did you know the official representation of Croatian is hr? From Afar (aa) to Zulu (zu), this ISO 639:1988 code page has the representations of some 100 languages.
  The Unicode Consortium is a non-profit organization founded to develop, extend and promote use of the Unicode Standard, which specifies the representation of text in modern software products and standards.
  The American National Standards Institute web site - for news, databases and more on (inter)national standards.
  A list of language names and codes, sorted by language name in both English and the original.
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  Worried that our jobs will be taken by machines? This wonderful example of a machine translation should set your mind at ease.
  Need to know the GNP of Belgium? The government structure of Antigua and Barbuda? You'll find it in the CIA's World Fact Book.
  Currencies of the World. More information than you'll ever need about currencies (for example: Angola's currency is the New Kwanza (kwanza reajustado); Symbol: Kz; Subdivision: 100 lwei; ISO-4217 Code: AON 024; Regime: m.float).
  The Law of the European Union in eleven languages.
  Next time somebody sends you a virus scare, check Symantec's site before you panic.
  The E. L. Easton page has a wealth of links to materials for teaching & learning English.
  This fun little story tests your knowledge of Latin and Greek words in the English language. Quiz at the bottom.
  Stay up to date on the latest news, politics, culture and more at Salon magazine.
  The Wordsmith anagram maker page maintains that "All life's wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie." Decide for yourself: The Florida Vote Recount = Done To Cover Their Fault; Dormitory = Dirty Room; The Microsoft Corporation = Horror of Competition Acts; Software = Swear Oft. Enter your name to see the truth about yourself.
  In case anyone missed or lost Grace Helu-Lara's link to NASA's Earth at Night picture.
  Live in the Bay Area and need the latest local news? Traveling here for an NCTA event and searching for lodging? SFGate is your one-stop shop.
  Wordaholics, logolepts, and Verbivores can tarry on Richard Lederer's site awhile to graze or, perhaps, feast on the English language.
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