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Translorial Contributors
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Alison Anderson is a French-English literary translator. She has translated over twenty books, including the recent Ensemble, c'est tout (Hunting and Gathering) by best-selling French author Anna Gavalda. Alison received an NEA grant in 2004 for her translations of works by Christian Bobin, and is the author of two published novels.

Jennifer Allen currently divides her time between project management and freelance translation. She holds a B.A. in Spanish & Latin American Literature from the Johnston College for Integrative Studies, where she discovered her passion for translation. She went on to attain an M.A. in Spanish/English Translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and hopes to eventually become the right-hand translator for a literary genius.

Gotzone Pérez Apilanez is a translator of English and French into Spanish, specializing in economics and finance. She studied Economics in Pamplona (Spain) and Translation and Interpretation in Barcelona (Spain). She also did International Business Studies in Rennes (France). She moved to California from France in 2014. She has been a member of ATA since 2005 and also is the former treasurer of SFT Services, the training and editing branch of SFT (Société francaise des traducteurs). Last published in 38-2.

Anne Milano Appel is an Italian-English literary translator. A former director of libraries and teacher of English, Italian, and ESL, she is active in both ALTA and ATA. Several of Anne's book-length translations have been published, as have shorter articles and papers that she has authored or translated. Her translation of Stefano Bortolussi's novel Head Above Water was the winner of the 2004 Northern California Book Award for Translation.

Ramiro Arango is a translator and interpreter in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Born in the United States to Colombian parents, Ramiro has also lived in Chile, Mexico, and Brazil. His writing and his talent in simultaneous interpreting eventually led him back to San Francisco. He became an early member (and Vice President) of NCTA, and later of ATA, becoming a grader. Ramiro currently resides in Bogotá, Colombia. Published in issue 30-3.

Gabriel Arevalo is a systems engineer, teacher, interpreter and English > Spanish translator. He also has a strong background in psychology. Originally from Colombia, he currently resides in China. He has been involved in many educational and philanthropic activities including doing translation work for charitable organizations, and has written a book titled Informática Para Todos. Published in issue 31-2.

Farah Arjang Vezvaee is an English<>Farsi translator and interpreter based on the Monterey peninsula, where she runs her own small business for translation and interpretation. She has worked with the Monterey Institute of International Studies to develop a multimedia-based curriculum for Farsi, and is currently developing two self-study manuals for translation and interpreting with the institute. Published in issue 31-1.

Carolina Arrigoni-Shea is a Spanish translator and editor specializing in film-subtitling, and journalistic and business publications. After a tenure as Language Advisor and Trade Specialist for the Argentine Consulate in Los Angeles, she relocated to the Bay Area and is now fully devoted to her linguistic pursuits, including as a contributing writer for "Vogue en español." Born and raised in Argentina, Carolina holds degrees in Translation and in ESL Teaching from the National University of Cordoba.

Yves Avérous is a French native and has been a professional translator in San Francisco since 1996. He began his translating career while a journalist in Paris; today, his major focus is technology localization and marketing. In 2005, Mr. Avérous carried his journalism experience into the reshaping of Translorial, and created its online archive, He was the co-founder of the now closed Mac User Group for translators, TransMUG.

Naomi Baer is an ATA-certified Portuguese > English translator with over 15 years of experience in the translation field. In 2006, she founded the Community Translation Program at Kiva, a non-profit organization facilitating microloans online, and has since expanded the program to include over 400 volunteer translators. As Director of Microloan Review and Translation at Kiva, she is responsible for developing the infrastructure and program framework required to support Kiva’s growing translation community. Last published in issue 32-1.

Aimee Benavides is a Federal and California Court Certified Spanish Interpreter who lives in Central California with her husband and two children. She specializes in written translations regarding Field Trials and other Agricultural and Agronomical reports, as well as interpreting for technical Ag conferences and workshops. Last published in issue 38-2.

Carola F. Berger, PhD, CT is an ATA-certified English-into-German patent translator. A native of Austria and now a resident of California’s Silicon Valley, she translates for a variety of translation agencies and direct clients in the high-tech industry. She became interested in the topic of translation scams after being conned out of a relatively small amount of money at the beginning of her translation career. Her research on scams led to a series of blog posts, an article in The ATA Chronicle in 2014, and the presentation at the NCTA General Meeting in December 2016. She serves on NCTA's Board of Directors as Ethics Director. Last published in 39-1.

Andrea Bindereif is an English-German translator and currently works as German Product Specialist for in Oakland, a major online search engine company. She spent 10 years as a freelance translator and writer for German newspapers, and also served on the Board of the NCTA for four years. She is a native of Germany and holds an M.A. in German literature and Communications from the University of Munich.

Maria-Luisa Boden is a founding member of NCTA. A native of Spain, she started proofreading translations for her father's scientific publications at the age of 16. On her first job as a trilingual secretary, she found herself responsible for the translation of business documents and decided on a translation career. She has lived in Spain, Switzerland, London, and New York before settling in San Francisco, and has worked both in-house and freelance.

Nina Bogdan worked for the U.S. Department of Justice as a Russian <> English translator and interpreter for over 20 years. She earned one B.A. in international relations and a second in Russian language and literature from SF State University as well as an M.A. in political science from UC Davis. Nina now works as a freelance ATA-certified Russian > English translator and writer. From 2008 to 2011, she was the editor of Translorial and is the co-author of an Images of America series book titled Russian San Francisco, published in 2010.

Martina Burkert, an ATA certified English > German translator, is a native of Germany, where she graduated from Justus-Liebig University Giessen with a degree in Agricultural Science and Environmental Management. In 1998 she made freelance translating her full time endeavor, specializing in chemistry, biotechnology, and the environment with emphasis on patents.

Raffaella Buschiazzo is a French and English into Italian translator from the bilingual Italian region of Aosta. She has been a freelance and in-house translator and interpreter for eight years, with worldwide clients. A member of the NCTA board, Rafaella holds an M.A. in Translation, specializing in international law and economics, from the School of Translation and Interpretation of the University of Geneva. Published in issue 30-3

Teresa Carbajal Ravet earned a BA in Spanish Language and an MA in Modern Languages, specializing in Spanish Literature & Linguistics. When she moved to California, Teresa launched Sentenia Vera, Cultural Spanish Communication, specializing in bilingual literary, academic, non-profit, and content marketing. Published in issue 35-1.

Timothy Cassidy is a translator from German to English, specializing in financial services.  An MBA graduate of the UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business, his earlier career was in marketing, PR and communications for major corporations in the US and Europe, including managing translations for the equity research department of a major German bank in Berlin. Published in issue 37-2. He serves as Publications Director on NCTA's Board of Directors.

Valerie Chataignier is a French-English freelance translator specializing in biomedicine and the life sciences. After service in the U.S. Navy at Bethesda Naval Medical Center, she worked for several years as a clinical/research chemist. Valerie holds bachelor degrees in Zoology and Microbiology/Medical Technology and a Masters degree in Environmental Science.

Mario E. Chávez, a professional Spanish technical translator since 1992, has worked as editor, reviewer, proofreader, technical writer, translator, software localizer, project manager and column writer. He has given presentations at ATA conferences since 1994, published articles in translation journals and taught translation classes in both classroom and online settings. He recently completed his Master’s in Audiovisual Translation at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He is currently a Spanish Localization Specialist at Hyland Software in Cleveland, Ohio. Published in issue 32-3.

Tracy Chen is a freelance English to Mandarin interpreter and translator specializing in legal and medical fields. She hols a B.A. in Communications and a M.A. in Multimedia Communications. Language has always been Tracy's passion and, after earning her degrees, she started her freelance business. Shes has been an NCTA and ATA member since 2012. Published in issue 37-1.

Luba Chernov is a certified Russian/Slavic/French court interpreter, having worked in that capacity for over a decade. She holds a degree in computer programming and worked as a programmer/analyst for six years. A lifetime linguist with a deep interest in words, Luba has an M.A. in English, French, and Russian languages from the School of Linguistics at St. Petersburg State University in Russia, as well as a degree in Technical Writing from U.C. Berkeley.

Renate Chestnut has worked as an English > German translator for over thirty years, first in-house in Germany and then, for most of her career, as a California-based freelancer. She specializes in technical and scientific texts and now focuses mainly on the life sciences and has been a presenter at the annual ATA conferences. In addition to her translation, editing and QA work, Renate teaches a class in technical and scientific translation at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Published in issue 31-1.

German to English translator Alexandra Connel grew up in an Irish-American and Austrian-American family. She studied German throughout high school and college and took some courses in early German literature at the University of California, Davis. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from U.C. Davis, and then went freelance. In 2012 she returned to university and completed a J.D. at Santa Clara University School of Law. She specializes in legal and technical translation with occasional editing and technical writing. Last publsihed in 39-1.

Virginia Cooper is a freelance German to English translator with an MA in Translation and German literature and culture. Virginia specializes in translating legal, medical, and pharmaceutical texts. She also translates literary texts and has recently begun translation of a German colonial novel. Published in issue 35-1.

Donald Couch currently holds a position with the California School for the Deaf as a Spanish<>English translator and interpreter, often working in a team with ASL interpreters.  Additionally, he and his wife, Marilú Diez-Couch, also a CSD employee, freelance through their home-based business, specializing in HR and Special Education. Last published in issue 36-2.

Grisel Crimonesi has been a project manager at Valle Translations for the past five years. She has had extensive experience as a professional translator, copy editor and proofreader (specializing in health- care). In her native Argentina, she com- pleted coursework in Technical, Scientific and Literary English-Spanish Translation Studies and is currently working towards a B.A. in that field. Last published in issue 32-1.

Rachel Critelli is a Chinese language specialist based out of San Francisco. She is fluent in both spoken and written Mandarin, having studied Chinese in the Foreign Languages and Literature department at the San Francisco State University as well as the Chinese Language Flagship program. When she is not translating medical documents, Rachel enjoys riding her bike and traveling. Last published in issue 38-2.

Kathleen Davis is a self-employed translator in the Slavic languages (as well as Dutch, Norwegian, and French) with over 40 years of experience in a variety of subject disciplines, including engineering, military science, physics, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, and linguistics. She holds degrees from Vassar, Northwestern, and U.C. Berkeley, and counts among her clients various U.S. government agencies, as well as private firms and individuals.

Paul Delinger was educated in the US, Taiwan, and UK. Before becoming a full-time translator, he worked in advertising, hi-tech and Internet startups in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. His area of specialty is patent translation from Chinese into English; he lives in San Jose, California.Last published in 39-1.

Mary DeNike is an Italian to English translator who lived and worked in Italy for an extensive period. Her career began as an architect and designer and evolved into assisting professionals with translating their work into English in the fields of business, science, academics, technology, and industry. She pursued a career teaching English in Italy in public high school and university, and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she works as a translator and teacher.

Alison Dent is a freelance translator of Spanish and French into English, currently living in San Francisco. UK born and raised, Alison translated part-time while employed in the IT industry, but since retiring from database design work in 2005 she has had more time to devote to her real passion: languages. Alison served as Ethics Director on the NCTA Board.

Paula Dieli is a freelance French>English translator. She previously worked as a soft- ware engineer and manager in Silicon Valley and in Paris, France. She enjoys practicing her Italian with her family in Italy and often travels to France. She holds a B.A. in Computer Science and French from the State University of New York and an M.A. in Translation from Kent State University, where she also taught French.

Dagmar Dolatschko is a certified translator and interpreter and the president of Peritus Precision Translations, Inc, an agency she founded in 1996 and has since built into a full-service firm that works with over 100 languages. A German native, Dagmar held a variety of import/export and marketing positions prior to founding Peritus. She holds an MBA from Notre Dame de Namur University, and currently serves as Chairwoman for the German American Business Association. Last published in issue 31-2

Sean Michael Dodd is a translator- interpreter based in Napa, California. He has been working as an English<>Spanish translator for 10 years, specializing in legal and medical. Sean lived in Spain for seven years, working as a translator and English teacher. He holds a BA in Spanish, a Certificate in Legal Interpretation, and is working on his MA in Spanish. In 2000, Sean was awarded the prestigious DELE Superior Diploma in Advanced Spanish. Last published in issue 37-2.

Curtis Draves has been interpreting Spanish for five years, the last two in Alameda County Court. He is the director of the Northern Professional Division of the California Federation of Interpreters (CFI) which is both a professional association and union for legal interpreters statewide. Curtis organizes continuing education seminars for CFI, including a weekend conference every other year in San Francisco in October. Last published in issue 30-3.

Persida Drulea is an English <-> Romanian translator specializing in law, business, medicine, and the humanities. Born in Bucharest, she was an in-house translator at a research institute for eight years and for the past 12 years has been a freelance translator in the U.S. Persida has a degree in English and is a licensed teacher in Portland, Oregon, where she has lived for the past 25 years, and where she also enjoys teaching foreign languages.

Diana Dudgeon is an English to Spanish translator with a decade of experience translating educational, legal, medical, and marketing materials. Diana has a background in psychology and has taught English both in Mexico and the U.S. She currently works as the Communication and Language Specialist for Bilingual Training Consultants LLC. Born and raised in Mexico City, Diana enjoys providing insights focused on cultural and linguistic issues. She was an Events Director and Publications Director of NCTA's Board of Directors. She currently is NCTA's administrator. Last published in issue 37-2

Rick Dudgeon is a software engineer who has worked for both successful startups and the world's largest software company. In the past ten years, he has specialized in application usability and internalization. While he has been involved in teaching and writing English for decades he speaks only one language, unless you count C as a second language. He has degrees in Mathematics and Computer science from UC Berkeley.

Scott Ellsworth, a northern California native, is fluent in Russian and German. He holds a degree in International Relations, with a minor in Linguistics. Scott's main focus now is translating from German and Russian into English - specializing in international trade, social enterprise, fair trade, and information technology. Scott currently serves as Marketing Director on NCTA's Board of Directors. Last published in issue 39-1.

Herbert Eppel is a chartered engineer. Originally from Heidelberg, he has been living and working in the UK since 1988. Herbert diversified into translation in 1995, and is a member of several ITI networks. He works in a wide range of technical and scientific subjects. For more information, see Last published in issue 32-1.

CJ Evans is the editor of Two Lines Press and the Literary Program Manager for the Center for the Art of Translation. He is the author of two collections of poems, A Penance (New Issues, 2012) and The Category of Outcast (Poetry Society of America, 2009), the recipient of the 2013 Amy Lowell Traveling Scholarship, and has published in the Boston Review, Little Star, Virginia Quarterly Review, and elsewhere. He is a contributing editor for Tin House magazine and occasionally teaches in the MFA program at the University of San Francisco.

Hany Farag is a dual professional in language and technology. He is an Arabic language translator and California state-certified interpreter. He is also a voice-over talent, cross-culture trainer, and expert witness in language matters. On the tech side, he is a professional engineer in control systems. In this role, he has designed, specified, and tested data acquisition and industrial control systems. He is a distinguished member of the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA). Published in issue 30-3.

Robert Finnegan is an ATA-certified Portuguese-to-English translator. He is an ex-seminarian and missionary, US Army veteran (missile/radar repairman), freelance translator and interpreter since 1991, and was the founder of Contact Traduções in Brazil and owner from 1995-2008. He was a staff translator with the UN (2008-2013), and currently works as adjunct professor at NYU for Introduction to Portuguese-to-English Translation. During his career, he has worked in-house for World Bank projects, a leading beer brewery, an environmental NGO and a telecom company. Last published in 37-2.

Cyril Flerov, AIIC, TAALS, a Russian conference interpreter and interpreter trainer, is the author of our feature article on the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIIC). He also presented a recent NCTA workshop on voice training. Cyril is a professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. His book with Michael Jacobs, a fellow MIIS professor, Improving the Interpreter’s Voice, extends the material presented in his workshop of January 2016. It is now available at Published in issue 38-1.

Peg Flynn has been translating patents and related documentation from French into English since 1997. She is also a published translator of literary criticism whose work has appeared in Yale French Studies and two Norton Critical Editions. When she isn’t thinking about words, Peg swims with Marcia’s Enthusiastic Masters of Oakland (MEMO) and enjoys competing at meets. She serves as NCTA Secretary on NCTA's Board of Directors. Last published in 39-1.

Yoko Fukami is a licensed architect and Japanese > English translator. Her translations span many fields, including art, law and information technology. Yuko has translated many manga series and she is currently working on a literary translation, a novel by Sawako Ariyoshi. When not playing with words, she plays with essential oils, resins, and wood chips to create natural perfumes and incenses.

Peter A. Gergay is currently the Hungarian <-> English Language Chair of ATA. Born in Hungary and educated mainly in the United States, he is a freelance translator, editor, and interpreter. He has written and spoken on the subjects of both localization and translator certification. In 2005, he was a keynote speaker at the annual conference of Hungarian translators and translation companies in Budapest, where he delivered a presentation on the ATA Certification Program.

Bozena Gilewska is an English instructor at CCSF, and has worked as a freelance translator and interpreter since 1985. She was Czeslaw Milosz’s assistant from 1997-2000 and worked with Jessica Fisher on the translation of the former’s poems in 2001. She has also translated the poetry of Zack Rogow into Polish. She holds M.A. degrees in English from Mills College and Poznan University in Poland and a Certificate of Proficiency in English from Cambridge University in the U.K.

Anne-Charlotte Giovangrandi was born and raised in Switzerland and has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000. She has a Master's degree in Psychology From the University of Lausanne, switzerland, and a certificate in English to French translation from NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Her areas of expertise are Psychology and Marketing/Advertising. During the year 2015 she has been developing a specialization in Medical translation as well. Last published in 38-1.

Jonathan Goldberg iwas born in South Africa, and has lived on 4 continents, including Europe (France, where he studied at the Sorbonne), but half his life he lived in Israel, where he practiced law. Since settling in Los Angeles 15 years ago, he has developed an active career translating and interpreting in French/English and Hebrew/English. ( His principal hobby is his French-language blog,, which has been published once or twice a week for the last 5 years, with contributions from around the world. Last published in 38-2.

Steven Goldstein is an advertising copywriter and Creative Director who assists local and national clients in a wide range of corporate marketing activities, including the development and writing of annual reports, capabilities literature, advertising, branding, and interactive media. A long-time student of both French and translation, Steve is a charter member of NCTA and served as editor of Translorial between 2005 and 2009.

Noémi Gonzalez is a Spanish translator-interpreter with a diverse educational and career background that has led her to venture into medical and administrative interpreting, as well as business language services. Noemi is passionate about language, people, coaching, and mentoring, interests which she has combined to found the first Spanish Bilingual Toastmasters Club in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of her latest and proudest achievements. Last published in issue 37-2

Barbara Guggemos is a German>English translator and part-time German instructor for children at the German Language School of Marin. She specializes in legal and medical texts, but also has an interest in literary translation, having collaborated with Stafford Hemmer on the translation of Wolfgang and Heike Hohlbein’s fantasy-adventure novels for children, Magic Moon (2006) and The Children of Magic Moon (2007). Barbara has been a workshop presenter and has served two terms as NCTA Treasurer. Barbara also occasionally serves as interim editor of Translorial. Last published in issue 32-3

Norihito Hamaguchi is a native Japanese and a freelance Japanese<>English translator specializing in science and technology. He has 17 years of engineering experience, from R&D to manufacturing in the high-tech semiconductor and electronics industries. He holds BS and MS degrees from Kyoto University in Japan and a Ph.D from North Carolina State University.

Ayano Hattori is a freelance Japanese-English translator concentrating in the fine arts and architecture. She continues to enjoy melding her interests in the Japanese language and architecture through translation and frequent visits to Japan. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley with degrees in Japanese and Architecture.

Danièle Heinen is an independent English<>French translator based in Montreal, with a background in business management and international development. She manages a web-based software and dictionaries retail business,, and recently spent a year in Australia as translation coordinator for a Canadian mining Company. Danièle holds a Master’s in international management.

Stafford Hemmer has been a full-time freelance German-to-English translator since 2002. He comes to translation from the real estate and banking industries. He serves a variety of clients and is also collaborating with a well-known Bay Area translator on the translation of a renowned fantasy-based trilogy. He holds a Translation Studies Certificate from UC Berkeley-Extension, a BSFS with a Certificate in German Studies from Georgetown University, and attended the Diplomatische Akademie in Vienna, Austria.

Tetu Hirai is a freelance translator/interpreter specializing in computer software, hardware, and electronics. An American of Japanese ancestry who has lived in Japan for ten years, Tetu has worked as an inhouse translator at Polyglot, and has six years experience as a combination software engineer and translator/interpreter at Fujitsu in Tokyo and Nintendo of America in the Seattle area. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science.

Martin Hoffman has been a freelance translator (French, Spanish, Portuguese > English) and interpreter (French > English) for the past ten years. A graduate of the translation school at the École Supérieure d'Interprètes et de Traducteurs in Paris, Martin has done work for major enterprises and government agencies, and has interpreted at high-level conferences and events throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Francisco Hulse is an interpreter and translator of Spanish and English, a bilingual voiceover actor, and a private tutor. An erstwhile amateur musician, Francisco grew up in Portland, Oregon in a bilingual household; he currently lives and works in San Francisco in a trilingual one (English, Spanish, and Hebrew), offering—in addition to translation services—voiceover production, accent reduction, transcription, editing, and proofreading.

Norma Kaminsky has been an English>Spanish medical translator for 15 years. She holds an M.D. degree and is currently pursuing an M.A. in comparative literature at San Francisco State University. In addition to her work as a freelance translator and her literature study activities, she has been Director of Continuing Education on the NCTA Board. Published in issue 30-3.

Karl Kaussen is the president and founder of Biotext LLC, a firm specializing in providing translation services in the fields of health care, pharmaceutical trials, medical equipment, and biotechnology research. A native of Germany, Karl has lived in the U.S. since 1964, and received his advanced degrees in translation from UC Berkeley. He joined NCTA in 1996, and subsequently served on the Board of Directors.

Marian Kinoshita was born and raised in the U.S., but has lived in Japan for nearly 20 years. She established MDK Translations, Inc. in 2008, where she handles all Japanese-to-English translations. Marian currently serves as president of the Japan Association of Translators (JAT). During her off hours, she escapes into the fresh air to hike and Geocache!

Sylvia Korwek is a long-time member of NCTA, and has held several position on the Board, including Special Events Coordinator, Vice President, and President. Born in Buenos Aires, Sylvia holds a Master's Degree in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Puerto Rico.

Tuomas Kostiainen, a native of Finland, is an ATA-certified English > Finnish translator specializing in technical and medical translations. In addition, he is an SDL Trados-approved Trados trainer and has provided training and workshops for numerous translators and translation companies around the world. He has been a member of the NCTA Board from 2003 until 2011 and served as President from 2005 to 2011. Last published in issue 37-2.

Lucy G. Kryuchkova has an MBA in Finance, an MA in Linguistics, and over 10 years of experience in business development and international project management both in the corporate and non-profit world. Lucy is fluent in Russian, English, French, and German. She was on the board of Russian American Community Services (RACS), a San Francisco non-profit, for 9 years and is currently the organization?s Finance Director. Last published in issue 32-2.

Clarissa Laguardia is a student at American River College and a translator for the Grant Joint Union High School District in the Sacramento area. After teaching herself English in her native El Salvador, Clarissa emigrated to the United States in 2003, when she was 18 years old. Her sense of engagement in the larger world community has inspired her to want to continue her studies of language and languages.

Paul Lambert was a freelance translator and project manager with 12 years of experience in fields such as finance and enology. Paul also spent five years working as an in-house translator at KPMG in Madrid, Spain. He worked as a translation coordinator for Kiva, a micro-finance non-profit based in San Francisco.

Monica Lange is a Brazilian Portuguese translator and conference interpreter with an international spirit. A veterinarian with a lifelong passion for languages, Monica also studied translation and conference interpretation and has been working for international organizations in Switzerland and clients all over the world. She is specialized in healthcare translations from French and English into Brazilian Portuguese. Last published in issue 39-2.

Jessica Levine translates literary and academic books from French and Italian into English. She is also the author of The Geometry of Love, a Top 10 Women’s Fiction Title in the American Library Association’s Booklist, and Delicate Pursuit: Discretion in Henry James and Edith Wharton. Her second novel, Nothing Forgotten, will appear in 2018. Jessica holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of California at Berkeley, where she was a Mellon Fellow. You can find her at Last published in issue 39-2.

Sarah Llewellyn is a freelance French > English translator with a background in marketing and public relations. Born and raised in the UK, she spent the early part of her career working in France before moving to Sydney, Australia to work for a French airline. She is now based in San Francisco. Sarah holds a degree in Linguistics from the University of London and is a certified translator with the UK Chartered Institute of Linguists. She served as Vice-President and as Director of Continuing Education on NCTA's  Board of Directors for several years. Last published in issue 32-1.

Monique Longton, born in Belgium, moved to the United States in 2004 and now lives in Arizona. She has been working as an English, Swedish, and Danish > French freelance translator for almost eleven years, specializing in legal, financial and accounting translation. She has a Master’s Degree in Translation and a Post-College Degree in Economics. As a translator, she is regularly asked to assess translations You can contact her at Last published in issue 39-2.

Miriam Hebé López-Argüello has over 12 years experience in the field of medical interpretation, and is the holder of a Certificate of Medical Interpreting from Stanford University Hospital. She has also translated safety and health literature for construction workers, and worked on a variety of software/website localization projects. A native of Nicaragua, Miriam holds an M.A. in Translation & Interpretation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Bryan Lopuck is a Canadian transplant (B.A. Translation, CTTIC, ATA, NCTA and Registered Court Interpreter) who has been thriving in the Bay Area since 2007. His 15 years of experience as a certified translator and conference interpreter, as well as his extensive technical background, have prepared him well for a varied language career. He has held positions in government and in the tech sector, and is currently Head of Localization at HotelTonight.

Judit Marin is a freelance Spanish interpreter, translator, and trainer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an ATA certified (English>Spanish) translator and a California Certified Medical Interpreter. She holds a M.A. in Spanish from U.C. Santa Barbara and a B.A. degree in Catalan Philology from the University of Barcelona. Mrs. Marin has been a seminar leader for the “Living in America Program” offered by the County courts for the past 5 years. Contact her at and follow her on Twitter @juditoak. She currently serves as NCTA Continuing Edication Director. Published in issue 38-2.

Richard Markley has worked as a Japanese > English translator since 1991. He began his association with the Japanese language when he went to Japan in 1969 to work as an English teacher for the Kagoshima Prefectural Board of Education in the first precursor of the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) program. He received his M.A. in Japanese at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and a Ph.D. in East Asian Languages at U.C. Berkeley.

Jennifer Maya Crandall is a bicultural freelance translator who works between Japanese and English. She got her start in interpretation at the age of four when she helped her Japanese uncle navigate a U.S. airport. Years later, she began working in technical translation and documentary subtitling, though currently her primary focus is localization. She lives in Berkeley with her boyfriend and imaginary cat.

Hannelore McCrumb has worked as as a freelance translator and interpreter for over 25 years in both Germany and the U.S. More recently, she has worked mainly as a German SQA tester at Xerox, Remedy, and Netscape, among other companies. Hannelore currently assists NCTA with a variety of administrative duties.

Elena McDonnell is a Russian-English translator and a Project Manager for Accents US, Inc. in Escondido, California. She was born in Russia and holds Masters degrees in Russian and Literature (Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University) and in English and Comparative Literature (San Diego State University). She travels to Russia frequently, and she has recently formed an author-translator team with her former professor, Valerii Tiupa. Together, they are collaborating on a series of works on literary criticism.

Sharlee Merner Bradley has been a freelance translator of French and Spanish into English for many years, in addition to being the long-time secretary of ATA's Dictionary Review Committee. A long-time member of NCTA, Sharlee holds a doctorate in Romance lexicography, and has translated for the United Nations in Geneva, U.S. federal courts, California courts and government agencies, and the Marin County Health Department. Last published in issue 32-2.

Maria Milla has been a freelance translator since 1997. A native of Peru who has been living in the U.S. since 1987, Maria is a specialist in the medical field, having worked in academic research for 10 years, with extensive experience in clinical trials documentation. ATA-certified in English-to-Spanish translation, Maria holds a Master's Degree in Biomedical Sciences.

Margarita Millar is a native of Colombia and has lived in San Francisco since 1983, where she obtained a B.A. in Journalism and an M.A. in Comparative Literature at San Francisco State University. She has worked for 15 years as a professional interpreter and translator. She now focuses on contemporary Latin American and American literature, and is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker. Last published in issue 32-1.

Ana de Moraes earned a B.A. in English and Portuguese in her native Brazil, and a M.S. in Education in the U.S. She has been teaching English in public schools in the Bay Area for the past 20 years. She also works as a freelance translator, interpreter and in localization projects. Ana is currently part of one of Wikia’s localization teams, does linguistic reviews for a robot manufacturer in Palo Alto, and translates content for Chaperon, a travel guide published in San Francisco. Published in issue 38-1.

Wassim Nassif is a former computer programmer who worked for major financial institutions in New York City. Recently relocated to the Bay Area, Wassim had his first encounter with legal interpreting in 1986, but his professional interest in language, specifically translating and interpreting, stemmed from his recent hire by the U.S. Department of Justice to handle cases involving Arabic-speaking litigants in immigration and other matters.

Stefano Nicola Mura worked as an operations/sales professional, translator and interpreter in the shipping industry in Italy for over twenty years. He then moved to New York City where he honed his translation craft and worked as an English <> Italian simultaneous and consecutive interpreter for the news media, professional organizations, hospitals, and corporations. Stefano also works in the voice-over industry. He has translated Italian operas and helped professional opera singers in NYC perfect their diction. He moved to the San Francisco area from NYC in 2007. Last published in issue 31-3.

Quyen Ngo is a freelance English <> Vietnamese interpreter and translator, currently specializing in medical and legal interpreting and based in Southern California. She started doing translation work for her family’s business 25 years ago and also did pro bono interpreting work. She began her career as a full-time interpreter after completing a legal interpreting course. Quyen is also a certified language proficiency tester and provides private interpreter?s training classes. Last published in issue 31-1.

Nancy Nies taught French for 22 years before becoming intrigued by translation in the 1990s. A native Californian, her primarily interest is literature, having done English translations of Jacques Lacarriere's Ce bel aujourd'hui, a book of essays, and Lorraine Céré's Noel blanc, a collection of Christmas stories. Nancy also contributed translations to the book Catherine Urner and Charles Koechlin: A Musical Affaire, by Barbara Urner Johnson.

Cecilia Palmcrantz is a translator, interpreter, and localization specialist (Swedish/English). She worked 14+ years as a legal professional specializing in U.S. business immigration, first in Chicago and then in San Francisco, before further aligning her career with her interest in globalization and passion for the written and spoken word. Cecilia lives in the Central Valley, within reach of both the LA and Bay Area markets. She has a law degree (jur. kand.) from Stockholm University. Last published in 38-1.

Kate Partlan is an ATA-certified full-time freelance German-to-English translator. She splits her time evenly between legal and marketing-related projects. A native of San Francisco, Kate started her career as a translation project manager before embarking on freelancing herself. She lives in the Outer Richmond with her husband and two daughters, ages 14 and 11, and travels regularly to Germany for business and pleasure. Last published in 38-1.

Karl Pfeiffer is an ATA-certified English to German translator. After graduating with a degree in Physics from the University of Tübingen, Germany, he focused on translating engineering documents, specializing in satellite technology and the lifting industry (cranes and aerial work platforms). He is Lead German Linguist at SH3, Inc., an Argos Multilingual Company located in Overland Park, Kansas. Karl has been using Trados CAT tools since the early DOS versions.

Juan Pino-Silva, PhD and María Milagros Antonini, PhD are language profesionals with academic preparation in Applied Linguistics at the doctoral level, originally from Chile and Venezuela respectively. They are English<>Spanish translators and interpreters as well as translator and language teacher educators. Published in issue 36-2.

Isabelle Pouliot is a certified English > French translator, member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ), of NCTA and ATA. In 2012, she founded  a translation agency, DESIM Linguistic Services. She holds a Certificate and a Graduate diplomas in translation from McGill University. Her academic and professional background include journalism, translation and editing. She currently serves as Webmaster on NCTA's Board of Directors. Last published in issue 37-1.

Marianne Pripps is a court interpreter and translator, as well as a communication researcher and trained interculturalist. A specialist in Latin American culture, she also studies contrasts and similarities between the Japanese and peoples of Latin America through their television productions. Marianne has an M.A. in Applied Communication Research from Stanford University, a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico, and a Certificate in Legal Interpretation and Translation from San Francisco State University.

Christopher Paul Queen is pursuing a Master of Arts in Spanish at San Jose State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. He has studied abroad in France and Spain, and has earned the Translation & Interpretation Studies Certificate at The National Hispanic University. His professional interests include translating texts from Spanish and French into English.

Kaj Rekola has been a medical translator in Mountain View since 1993. His native languages are Finnish and Swedish. He has a licentiate in medicine (MD) degree from the University of Turku and a Doctor of Medical Science (PhD) degree from the University of Oulu, Finland. He practiced internal medicine, rheumatology, and physiatry in Finland and Sweden. He enjoys the multicultural environment, climate, and outdoor life in California. Last published in 39-1.

Wendell Ricketts is the translator of The Wrong Door: The Complete Plays of Natalia Ginzburg (University of Toronto Press) and The Back to the Past Museum Guide to Trilobites (forthcoming), among other titles, and is also the winner of the 2000 PEN American Center Renato Poggioli Prize for translation. He holds a Master?s degree in fiction writing from the University of New Mexico and has been translating professionally from Italian for a decade. He can be reached at Wendell@ Last published in issue 32-2.

George Rimalower is founder, president and chief executive officer of Los Angeles-based ISI Language Services. ISI is a provider of cultural and linguistical services including translations, interpreting and diversity training. George developed the Interpreter Training and Assessment Program (ITAP) used by healthcare organizations to enable personnel to communicate more effectively with non-English-speaking patients. Published in issue 31-3.

Jeanette Kalker Ringold has been a freelance translator of French and Dutch into English for many years. She has a doctorate in Romance Languages and Literatures from UC Berkeley and is a charter member and a former board member of NCTA. Jeannette is a published translator of Dutch novels, short stories, and nonfiction books.

Roda Roberts has been working in the field of translation and interpreting for almost 40 years, both as a practitioner and as a university professor. Published in issue 36-2.

Eva Tornebohm-Roche, born and educated as an MD PhD in Sweden, is a medical freelance English to Swedish translator who has been living in the Bay Area since 1992. She has approximately 20 years of translation experience. She frequently returns to Sweden to continue her practice as a physician. Earlier in her career she was involved in research and presented her thesis in Hematology & Coagulation Disturbances. She has published several papers for scientific journals and is co-author of a book in Coagulation Disorders. During the major part of her career she worked as a teacher for medical students. Published in 38-1.

Tony Roder is an "almost-founding” member of the Northern California Translators Association, and has been a freelance translator of French and Romanian for the past 35 years. An engineer/physicist by trade, Tony translated part-time while employed in industry and laboratories, and full-time since retirement. A long-time member of ATA, Tony served on NCTA's Board of Directors for 10 years, six of which as a two-term President of the association.

Christy Rodgers is a freelance editor, writer, and translator of Spanish, French and Portuguese into English, who lives in San Francisco. She received a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature from San Francisco State University in 2008. In 2009, her master's thesis, a complete translation and critical analysis of contemporary Mexican author Carmen Boullosa’s first novel Mejor desaparece, was published by VDM Press. Published in issue 32-3.

Susan Rose is a freelance German-English translator who lives in Petaluma, CA. A former translator at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in Bern, Switzerland, her specialities are in the areas of marketing, law, and intellectual property. She has been part of the ProZ network since 2010 and a member of NCTA since 2011. Published in issue 35-1.

Chris von Rosen is a full-time freelance translator, interpreter, and editor who specializes in the translation of legal, business, medical, and art documents. Her professional experience includes 25 years in France and Germany as a translator and interpreter for the courts, international trade shows, and music and film festivals. Chris also offers intensive coaching for speeches, job interviews, and preparation for international assignments. She attended the University of Aix-en-Provence, France, studying linguistics and business management.

Corey Roy is an ATA-certified translator from Spanish and Italian into English as well as a PMI-certified Project Management Professional. As a translator, he specializes in the fields of business and law. Corey has also worked in project management, education, health care, and state government.

Merav Rozenblum is a U.S. Department of State Hebrew-English certified interpreter. She has seven years experience in conference interpretation, and nine years experience as a Hebrew translator in various fields. Merav has translated three collections of academic articles from English to Hebrew and two novels from Spanish to Hebrew. She is a magna cum laude graduate of the Bar Ilan University School for Translators and Interpreters in Israel.

Alcira Salguero, CMI (Spanish), received a bilingual eduation growing up in Mexico City. Her degree in hotel management led to a career as a purchasing specialist in industries ranging from tourism to engineering to pharmaceuticals. In 2007, Alcira made a career change to medical and legal interpreting. She holds a Certificate in Legal Interpretation (San Francisco State University, 2005) and when not interpreting she enjoys cooking, travelling and Zumba.

Luis Salvago-Toledo has taught courses on the culture of Spain at Emeritus College, and has taught Spanish at The Commonwealth Club for the last five years. A native of Spain, Luis studied merchant marine and eventually sailed under six different national flags. He settled in California to work in the data processing field, and attended both UCLA, where he received his Master’s in Philosphy, and U.C. Berkeley.

Shweta Sathe is a Project Manager at Precision Translations, Inc. A native of India, Shweta is fluent in English, French, Hindi and Marathi. She worked as a Translation Project Coordinator at BioMedical Translations prior to joining Peritus, where she handles large volumes of multi-lingual translation projects from start to finish. Shweta holds a Master’s degree in French > English translation from Kent State University.

Claudia Schalesky is a freelance English to Spanish translator based in Gilroy, CA. She is a faculty member at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose and Gavilan College in Gilroy. She holds a double BA in Spanish and German and an MA in Spanish. Published in issue 35-1.

Anna Schlegel is Executive Producer for VeriSign, having built and managed the company's international web and localization teams since 2004. Before joining VeriSign, she was a Program Manager for Translation for Cisco and a Globalization Manager for Xerox. She is the author of the Spanish-English Telecommunications Dictionary, published by Cisco. Anna is a native of Catalunya and has a Masters Degree in German Linguistics from Humboldt University in Berlin.

Michael Schubert is an ATA-certified translator of German to English specializing in information technology and corporate communications. Michael studied at California State University and the University of Heidelberg in Germany, earning degrees in German Language and Music Performance. He worked as a professional orchestral flutist in Germany for ten years before moving to San Francisco. He has worked as a full-time independent translator since 2000. Since 2015, he has also taught translation at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Monterey (MIIS). He currently serves as NCTA President .Published in issue 39-2.

Ros Schwartz is an award-winning literary translator, a Fellow of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, and an active member the Translators’ Association of the Society of Authors (of which she is vice-chair). Since1979, Ros has translated some 70 works of fiction and non-fiction from French including a new translation of The Little Princeby Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Founder and co-director of the literary translation summer school at City University in London, she frequently leads workshops, is a regular speaker on the international circuit and publishes articles on translation issues. In 2009, Ros was made a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres for her services to literature. Published in issue 38-2.

Lieselotte Schwarzenberg is an English > Spanish and German > Spanish translator. She was born and raised in Chile and has taught Spanish and German at the Universidad de Chile. She earned her Ph.D. from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany and was the cofounder and first chair of the Professional Translators Association of Santiago which is now the Chilean Association of Translators and Interpreters. Published in issue 31-1.

Olivia E. Sears is the founding editor of TWO LINES, a journal of international literature translated into English, and the president of the Center for the Art of Translation (CAT). She is a poet and translator of Italian poetry. Her collection Self/Cell, created in collaboration with photographer Aline Mare, was pusblished in 2005.

Nina Scott currently works from home operating her own licensed childcare business. Holder of a B.S. in Industrial Psychology with a Spanish minor, she worked her way through school as a counselor and AT&T conference operator while participating in the development of the U.S. Sprint Spanish voice recognition telephone system. Nina's goal is to become an ATA accredited Spanish/English translator and interpreter.

Carolina Vita Shepherd CT A native of Buenos Aires, Carolina has lived in the United States since 2001. She is an ATA English>Spanish certified translator. She attended an ATA-recognized translation college in Argentina and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish from the University of North Carolina. Carolina has worked as a freelance translator and language teacher for more than ten years. Her clients range from small community groups to the University of North Carolina Hospitals. Published in issue 38-1.

Ofer Shorr is a literary translator who has translated more than twenty works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction from English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English. Among his translations are works by Joy Harjo, Jaenette Winterson, Hanif Kureishi, Yann Martel, Sam Shepard, and Bruce Chatwin. In addition, Ofer also works as a freelance translator with various companies. Born and raised in Israel, he currently lives in Berkeley.

Marta Sprague is a Spanish>English translator and editor of medical, public health, and social service texts. With over a decade of experience as a bilingual social worker, she has developed a passion and dedication to gerontology and geriatrics, and has translated materials related to dementia care and vocational rehabilitation. When she is not translating, Marta spends time as a Hospice volunteer. Published in issue 38-2.

Elizabeth Stokkebye is a native speaker of Danish and has an MA in Scandinavian Languages and Literature. She has taught Reading and Composition for five years at UC Berkeley. She writes blogs, stories, and plays, and paints literary figures in her free time. Professionally, she specializes in translations in Fine Arts and Humanities. Published in issue 35-1.

Ines Swaney is a founding member of NCTA. An ATA-Certified translator (English < > Spanish), she also holds Federal and California State certification as a court interpreter, and also works as a voiceover talent. She has developed and taught "Improvisation Techniques for Interpreters” and "Depositions and Other Civil Matters.” Ines is also a simultaneous conference interpreter and writes the regular column "Anecdolines” for the Spanish Language Division of ATA.

Hande Taylan is a Turkish translator and interpreter based out of San Francisco. A native of Turkey, she completed her secondary education there. She has a B.A. degree in English Literature from California State University, San Francisco. She has over 25 years of translating, interpreting experience and translated over 200 books into Turkish, most of which are in print. She also provides publishing options in Turkey for American writers and companies.Published in 38-1.

Matsuko Teshima is a senior project translation manager for the Information Design & Development team at Sony Computer Entertainment America, Matsuko has also worked for Fujitsu, EPSON, and eBay as a Japanese linguist and language coordinator. She is Program and Project Management certified by the UC Santa Cruz Extension and has over sixteen years of translation/localization experience. Her translated juvenile literature was published in Japan. Her interests include technical documentation, terminology management, epublishing, photography, and jazz.

Ron Tischler grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning degrees in mathematics and computer science. He moved to California in 1979, worked in the computer industry, and initially learned Japanese as a hobby. He has been doing technical translation from Japanese to English professionally since 1989, specializing in the areas of science, engineering, and medicine, including the translation of patents. Published in issue 31-2.

Karen Tkaczyk is a freelance translator who works from French and Spanish into English. She has chemistry degrees and worked in the chemical industry (pharmaceuticals and cosmetics) before becoming a translator in 2005. She does technical translation work in this narrow field of chemistry, its industrial applications, and chemical intellectual property. She is active in ATA and NITA as well as NCTA. Karen lives in Gardnerville, Nevada. Last published in issue 32-3.

Eugenia Teytelman works for a software localization company as a project manager. Born and raised in Moscow, she came to California to visit in 1999, fell in love, and stayed. Eugenia lives in Redwood City with her husband and son.

Catherine Theilen Burke has a degree from UC Berkeley and a certificate in Translation from UC Berkeley Extension. Formerly an art teacher and director of a small nonprofit, she works from French to English and specializes in translating medical documents, mystery games, and art-related texts when she is not out cycling.

Thilo Ullmann-Zahn was born in Spain of German parents. After completing a degree in Hotel Management in Lausanne, he has worked as translator and interpreter in Europe and the USA. Thilo started by translating Günther Blöcker from German to Spanish, and spent half a lifetime translating commercial literature for the various companies that employed him as export director. He supervised the translation and interpretation services for the Socialist International during their 1980 meeting in Madrid. Thilo worked as a freelance conference interpreter in Madrid, Geneva, and Brussels. He now lives in the Bay Area, specializing in medical translation. Last published in 39-2.

Rebecca J. Verhoek enjoys venturing throughout the compelling field of linguistics. She is a graduate of San Francisco State University (B.A. Spanish Language & Literature) and has earned a certificate in Health Care Interpreting from City College of San Francisco. She interprets and translates ENG < > SPA, and finds that providing language access enriches cross-cultural understanding. Contact her at: rjv263@ Last published in 39-2.

Steve Vlasta Vitek was born in what is now Czech Republic, where he received his Master’s degree in Japanese Studies from Charles University in Prague in 1980. He lived and worked as a translator in Europe, Japan, and the Bay Area. In 2001 he moved from California to Chesapeake, Virginia. He translates patents mostly from Japanese, German and French, but occasionally also from Czech, Slovak and Russian. His business website is at and his blog "Diary of a Mad Patent Translator” is at Published in issue 32-3.

Rene Vogt-Lowell is a native English/Spanish speaker born in Cuba to American parents. After earning an MA in Nuclear Engineering, Rene worked in the nuclear power industry for 40 years before retiring. Rene is a certified court interpreter, and currently resides in San Clemente, CA working as a freelance interpreter/translator. Published in issue 35-1.

Kayko Watanabe is a Japanese localization expert with 20 years of experience in localized content creation, project management and QA in the industries of IT and media production. Yet another transplant to the Bay Area, she enjoys living in the hub of San Francisco's global community.

Andrea Wells is an English/Spanish linguist with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of technology, health care, dentistry, and education. She holds degrees in English/Spanish translation from the University of Córdoba (Argentina) and a B.A. degree in English and Spanish teaching from the Catholic University of Salta, Argentina. Andrea studied teaching methodology at Harvard University and holds a Certificate of Proficiency in Advanced English from the University of Cambridge.

Ingeborg Weinmann White is an English <> German freelance translator and interpreter, certified in translation by the ATA in 1992. She has been a member of NCTA ever since she began working as a part-time translator. At that time she was also involved in acting and theater and has been able to bridge the gap between her day job and artistic interests, as she is now a voice talent and director of voice-overs, while her love of languages and translation is directly connected to her work as a writer. Last published in issues 31-2 & 31-3.

Lauren Wendelken worked in publishing prior to moving to San Francisco three years ago. Lauren has done freelance work as a French-to-English translator, and also has a background in the sciences, with a BA in Neuropsychology and an MA in Neuroscience. Published in issue 35-1.

Mary (Mimi) Wessling translates German into English; her modern language specialties are immunology and regulatory documents, based on her training in biophysics. As a historian, she has translated two books, one a classic in the history of medical ethics, the other an account of the background of Taiwan’s current public health administration--as told by a Japanese physician to his German wife for publication at an international meeting in Dresden, 1911. She's the Membership Director on NCTA's Board of Directors. Last published in issue 39-2.

Song White is the co-founder and president of White Song, Incorporated, a company specializing in multi-cultural communications. Born and raised in mainland China, Song has worked as both a Beijing- and U.S.-based journalist, and as an IT professional for several American companies. In addition to her translation activities, Song is also a best-selling author and publisher of the book series Beijing Show and Go! and Shanghai Show and Go!. She received a B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature from Nanjing University and an M.B.A. from San Francisco State University. Last published in issue 31-1.

Sonia Wichmann is a Swedish <> English translator specializing in technology and QA, as well as scholarly and literary translation. In addition to working as a translator, she is a lecturer in the Scandinavian Department at UC Berkeley, where she teaches courses in literature, composition, and culture. She was President of NCTA for several years. Last published in issue 32-2.

Chantal Whitehead grew up in Portland, Oregon, and moved to Europe after earning a history degree from Reed College and a law degree from the University of Oregon. From 1976 to 2012, she worked as an environmental law consultant for the EU, UN, and European and Asian governments. In 2013, Cynthia moved back to Berkeley and transitioned to the field of legal translation and interpreting. She is on the board of directors of West Edge Opera (Bay Area) and The Blosser Center for Dyslexia Resources (Portland, Oregon). Last published in issue 37-2.

Chantal Wilford is a Dutch and French into English translator and the author of the Tips for Translators eBook. She taught English in Paris before returning to her native California to study T&I at the Monterey Institute for International Studies. Chantal’s interests beyond translation include volunteer work for Guide Dogs for the Blind, pet therapy, and natural childbirth education. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Russian, French, and Linguistics from the University of Durham, England.

Yasuko Wooster is a part-time English> Japanese translator. Born in Japan, she moved to the United States after marrying a Swedish-American national. She is a member of the Japan Society and is the Cultural Leader of Fylgia Lodge of Vasa Order of America, a Swedish-American fraternal organization. Yasuko received her B.A. in French Literature from Sophia University in Tokyo and holds a Certificate of Translation from U.C. Berkeley Extension.

Angela Zawadzki is an English <> Spanish and English <> Italian interpreter in the private sector. In addition, she is an experienced language and literature instructor in Spanish, French, and Italian, as well as a legal/community interpreter and bilingual personnel trainer. She also designs and teaches Community Interpreter training workshops. Angela earned her graduate degrees in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkeley.

Shayesteh Zarrabi is a contract translator, graphic designer, and medical interpreter. Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, as a child she invented an alphabetical sign language based on Farsi that she shared with her sister and cousin. Her passion for learning English started with The Story of My Life by Helen Keller. Shayesteh holds Masters degrees in Linguistics (Iran) and Translation Theories (U.K.).

Yu Zhang is a freelance Chinese translator and consultant. His experience includes translating for more than 50 of the Fortune 500 companies. He was previously a Rockefeller Fellow in molecular biology, an Intel senior localization linguist and trainer, and a University of California lecturer in Chinese.

You may obtain the contact information of the contributors who are also listed members of the NCTA by searching our database.


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